Mickey (Mouse) moved in… and has been happily eating the corners of a loaf a bread and leaving little presents underneath our sink.  The joy!  Shelby is (well was) a “mouser” at home which is part of why she’s here to get rid of any possible issues… but I guess Mickey comes out to play whenever Roomie and Shelby go to bed and close the door.

Which means that this girl has spent a good part of her life screaming lately because any little movement or dog toy that grazes her foot illicits an extreme response.  And the worst part is that since her bed hasn’t been delivered yet, she sleeps on an air mattress too close to the ground for her own comfort so she spent all of last night terrified and slept zero minutes.  Yeah, zero.  I just started to feel comfortable when the sun came up, comfortable enough to doze off, but I couldn’t because I knew that with my extreme fatigue I’d be dragging and needed the extra time.  Even so I barely made it out the door on time.

I should have gotten up and turned on the light but I didn’t want to waste electricity.

Then school was rough since I got my “permanent” class today and I h-a-t-e it.  Yeah, the teacher’s name should be Fidel Castro or something because the kids aren’t even allowed to talk at lunch.  Mmmhmmm.  Thank goodness the principal and I are tight (ish) and I feel comfortable enough to tell him how I feel because in the end she’ll hate me because frankly, I’m not going to watch a four year old girl, who can’t speak English, eat two carrot sticks for lunch, because she can’t cut up her food and in her culture you don’t eat with your hands and I’m not allowed to do it for her because she needs to learn how to be like everybody else.  Oh, and the boys aren’t allowed to play in the kitchen and the girls aren’t allowed to play with the trucks.

That doesn’t include my rulesno cell phone, no drinks other than water (no coffee :(( ), no gum, plus all the child related rules- don’t hold their hand to lead them any where, don’t… whatever

I think I’m just tired and cranky… time for bed!