I didn’t wake up with a stomach ache today (!!) but I did not want food, all I wanted was coffee, ice and sugar, but I overslept so I couldn’t have any of those things at home, so I grabbed this:

No sugar, but caramel syrup.ย  Too bad I read that it’s an extra 90 kcal, I could have just had sugar, sugar, sugar (mmmmm sugar!). And no, I don’t drink my coffee sideways ๐Ÿ˜› but I do love the brick sidewalks of that part of DC.ย  I also love driving past the Supreme Court building, the Capital Building, and the Library of Congress on the way to work… I wonder when it’ll sink in that I live in DC.

Lunch was strange, first it was early since roomie’s class is ‘pre-k’ so they eat at 11.ย  I packed food but it just wasn’t doing it, so aside from a few grapes and a Kashi bar I couldn’t stomach anything else (but it could have been the memories and smells of cafeteria food as we sat with the kids that did it to me ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

Later, I stole some of the snack that roomie brought for the kids.

Cheddar rice snacks… yum yum yum.ย  The twins and I used to eat these, and the caramel ones all the time :((

Shortly thereafter, hunger set in so I had a Z bar.

I’m so glad I grabbed these at Costco… so chewy, and sweet, but oh so good for you!

Dinner was homemade for once, mashed potatoes that I’ve been craving for days, sauteed peppers and onion, and broccoli with homemade cheese sauce but I was so busy eating that I barely made it to the table and I was not about to walk away from my food for a camera!

Roomie made dessert!

No Pudge brownies… just the mix and a fat free yogurt and voila! fudge-y deliciousness.ย  This was my first No Pudge brownie and certainly not my last.ย  I know this because, well I had another one just now =))

I also baked a banana cake with incredibly overripe bananas… It smells delicious and is cooling now.ย  Half of it goes to the school janitors for all there help last week, the other half will be snack for the Roomie’s class tomorrow (and me!).

Now tomorrow, I’m debating on what to make for dinner- I’m craving noodles with veg broth and broccoli and carrots and crispy tofu but then I saw a recipe for carrot (oven baked) “fries” and now I have the urge to make a (oven baked) “fry” dinner (carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tofu strips)… Any votes?

Other than getting slapped by an ‘exceptional child‘, today was good. Then when she spent the rest of the day saying “shut up” or “no” I had to move on since I realized that this little one deals with a lot, her own needs and a lifestyle where those are the words that she must hear all the time because they are the two main words in her very limited vocabulary.ย  But… I am thankful that the when I asked the principal which class he was putting me in permanently he said a regular education prekindergarten class.ย  Three year olds I can definitely handle ๐Ÿ™‚