Well I would upload food photos but it’s pretty much repeats of the past few days (omelets, spincach/tomato on some sort of grain, leftover pizza).  Nothing too exciting there but I was busyyyyyy today helping my roomie set up her classroom. It’s a mess and a half right now because the teacher who had that room last year just unlocked her storage areas today, but then she just left all the stuff in there so my roomie can’t put anything away 😦  Too bad.

The bulletin boards and her little “library” and play area look fab though (that’s what I was working on 🙂 ).  Good times.

Now, for the real “meat” of this post.  The surprise walking companion.


She’s shy

She was confused as to why I kept snapping my fingers at her

Gorgeous Lady

She’s my roomie’s mom’s dog, and she’s on loan to us for a bit and we loooove her so much.  She’s half Sheltie, half Boston Terrie, and she’s six.  I kind of adore her little face.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to live without her because she protects me when I have to go take out the trash at night or just want to get some exercise after dark.  She also does the cutest thing by knocking at the door of my room when we’re home alone to make sure I’m still here.  So polite 🙂

Next time my surprise walking companion better be of the male variety though… just kidding 😉