… sound asleep but since I don’t have to work tomorrow I’ll let it slide.  Since I was born in the Third World, I had a TB vaccine as a child so that TB skin test you need to work at DCPS would show a false positive, soooooo I have to get an X-ray tomorrow, so maybe, just maybe Friday, but more than likely I’ll either start with or just after the kids do on Monday.  Oh well, it takes some of the pressure off which is always nice!

Food was sporadic and strange today.

This morning after browsing blogs, Miss Eating Bender’s lovely openfaced omelet caught my eye.

I had every intent of leaving mine open faced but then it wouldn’t come out of the pan that way.  Note to self: spray the sides too!  It was still yummy though, .5 c of egg sub, an LC Swiss cheese wedge (which I should have added sooner), fresh baby spinach and tomato.  I probably should have seeded the tomato first but I didn’t mind that ‘wateryness’ so it was a-ok.

Lunch was really two spread out snacks because I spent much too much time in HR today… so I had two Clif Z bars…

Chocolate Brownie

Chocolate Chip… I thought that one of the ones I grabbed was PB to mix it up a bit, but I guess I subconsciously wanted chocolate instead 😀

Dinner (no pics 😦 ) was a few random bites of Onion Rings and Fries which left me feeling empty so I had a strawberry acai drink and was ok.  Strange I must have been really thirsty with all the walking I did today (Home to Metro, Metro to DCPS, DCPS to Metro, Metro to Home, Home for a walk through the neighborhood ay).

Tomorrow I’m going to take a picture of my walking companion.  It’s a big surprise, even my parents will be in shock to find out who it is… be excited… all I’ll say is it’s gorgeous and you’ll love it (at least I hope so!)