I had an entire post written out yesterday afternoon that I was just going to add photos too after dinner and then everything I wrote became false…

It went something like- I’m sad I can’t work for DC Public Schools because it will never be enough money, but then HR from DCPS called and with my years experience it is enough, more than enough! I’m so excited!! The only problem is I have to be at “orientation” aka signing my contract and shaking hands tomorrow afternoon, so all my letters and proof, along with fingerprinting and some medical tests have to be done by then and then I have to start working on Thursday! It’s exciting but so intense. Today was much too long and tomorrow will be even longer. At least all my trips tomorrow are on the same metro line so I don’t have to waste time switching or going in a million different directions!

Oh, and the job is as a paraprofessional (aka souped up teacher’s aide) for a “model” elementary school. The school’s a model because it should be an example to other schools, and because it’s near Capital Hill, but it’s still in Southeast DC and even though the school and the blocks around it are safe enough, most of the students live in government subsidized houses and are among the vast number of extremely poor children in the city. DC happens to have the highest rate of child poverty in our nation. You would think that at least the nation’s capital could “get it together” and be an example to the rest of the nation, but sadly, that’s not the case

I did commit to food blogging though and based on my horrific eats bad food choices, I know that for the time being, I really do need to stay on top of it. Either, I’d go for a day or so and not eat because I was busy or stressed and just forget and then I’d wake up hungry and get some high calorie snack (on purpose) and go back to sleep. Or, I would just eat random unhealthy things because there was no accountability. Today, knowing that I was taking pictures and that I needed to blog I did much better.

Breakfast, was eaten in the comfort of my gorgeous apartment (I’ll do pics this weekend) at the table. I never used to eat at the table at my old job, I mean I might start there but then I’d end up standing at the counter eating because I had a better view of what was going on that way. It was so peaceful this way πŸ™‚

Nature’s Path Heritage O’s mixed with PB Puffins and vanilla soymilk. I was worried that this wasn’t going to fill me up enough since I have to get back into the swing of packing a lunch. It ended up working just fine, but I think it’s because I coupled it with…

Strong coffee and french vanilla creamer. Delicious. I L-O-V-E hot coffee, but I think tomorrow will be an iced coffee sort of day πŸ˜‰

It looks weird, but when I packed it in the morning it looked better… but then I ended up being home at lunch time so I unpacked and ate at my table again lol. It’s a “Roll-Up” wrap that I got from Costco. It’s basically a rip off of Flat Out wraps but with less calories and they cost less too. Score! Inside is a LC wedge, baby spinach and a tomato. Yum! Along with it I had a bunch of juicy grapes!

I packed this just in case I got hungry which I did on the way back to school. I liked this flavor, light on the PB which sometimes is a good thing!

After a long day of work, cooking was not in the cards, so my roommate and I stopped at the supermarket and picked up the healthiest, fast thing we could find. Wait, my roommate is a teacher at the same elementary school (free ride lol!).

We found a Spinach, Garlic and Mushroom pizza that had lots of diced tomatoes along with tomato sauce (and cheese) so we had that. Take this picture and multiply it by two because even though the food I ate was very filling beforehand it was wayyyy under calories and I was starving after a day of moving desks and chairs and helping my roomie set up her classroom.

Now, I just need to figure out what the kids should call me… Ms. ??? Initial or Last Name or an Abbreviated version of it. Grr, I hate being called Ms. Anything because it makes me feel like an old spinster (at 21 yes)… oh well.

Uh oh, I just realized DCPS classes start Monday for students and my college courses do as well…… it’s a wild ride and now it’s after 10 and my room is still half packed and I need to go to bed! Yikes!