District?  Hmm

Breakfast was some really perfect pancakes.

Mmm, nothing better on a Saturday morning in my opinion. After I took this picture I went to town on the maple syrup. I remember being a kid and liking the syrup more than the pancakes, even though both were good, can you say sugar addiction? I should probably get a handle on that one though.

Lunch was eggplant parmesan and a huge salad.

Instead of having a full portion each, my aunt and I just split one and then had big salads. Definitely the way to go!  I generally avoid iceberg because it isn’t very nutrient dense, but it is so refreshing so it’s okay once in awhile.

The rest of my day (as in the parts not spent eating) were spent vacuuming and mopping the floor (don’t faint Mom hahaha). I haven’t really cleaned in a long time, like since I moved out of my parents house two years ago. I mean I used to vacuum and sweep regularly at my old job, but I guess now that I’ll be living on my own I’ll have to get used to that one. Weird. I also baked (a roast and cupcakes) and made kabobs for the birthday thing tomorrow.

Oh, and I helped build a barn. I’ll leave you with that since I totally forgot to grab pics of dinner (a whole lotta carbs is what it was).