I love the Olympics… admittedly I prefer the winter Olympics (ice skating/dancing, hockey, lugeing and all those downhill events are so fun)… but I love the gymnasts, swimmers and track stars as well. Hmm, on second thought I love football (aka the real kind aka soccer) and basketball is fun too, so I guess I like them both πŸ˜€

Too bad there’s so much scandal surrounding the Beijing Olympics- Chinese reporters and human rights workers in prison, foreign reporters internet access being hindered to block certain sites, and of course the bars that will block access to black patrons at the government’s request. So, when the black athletes go out to celebrate their wins with their teammates, well they’ll have to sit outside I guess. An event that is meant to unite the world may instead divide us further. Too bad. Oh, and that 300 million that they spent on the opening ceremonies really could have helped the victims of that earthquake but you know priorities are skewed.

*Let me step off my soapbox now*

I woke up early today (okay it was 7am but it’s been awhile) and went to the commissary. Now, I love grocery shopping and I love a great deal so the commissary is like grocery store heaven to me. *Sigh* My aunt says I’ll have to marry someone in the military if I like shopping there so much, I should have looked around at Walter Reed today I guess πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I wasn’t hungry beforehand so I just had an iced coffee on the way back:

Yum-tastic. For the sake of honesty, I ate about six fries out of my aunts bag too.

Then for lunch, I had sushi that was freshly made (at the commissary no less).

Vegetables- carrots, cucumbers and my favorite avocado. I dipped it in a little soy sauce too.

Dinner was an aberration from my usual foods though.

Crinkle cut fries (oven baked), homemade coleslaw, and scallops. I’m not sure how I feel about that right now. On the one hand they tasted pretty good (not my new favorite or anything), and I’d never tried them before and that’s what prompted me to do so today, but on the other hand I feel kind of guilty and I have a dull headache and I feel like I could sleep for a week. I’m not sure how much of that is truly from the scallops and how much of it is in my head (or just the lack of sleep catching up with me). I keep thinking that I want to eat meat and stuff but when it comes down to it, I really don’t.

Dinner wasn’t too filling so afterward I had this:

Carrot cake mini muffin… times three. Carrot cake is so yummy… yes it truly is- especially when there are raisins and nuts in the mix!

Then I made a dip, using a recipe my aunt gave me…

Chips and dip, times a *cough,cough* million. Well, not really but there was tomato, lime and cilantro in there plus it was creamy and well chips are salty and addictive. Definitely unnecessary but one of those “worth it” snacks.

Tomorrow, I have big barn building duties to perform (I’ll take pics when it’s finished) and I plan to help my aunt clean up and prep food for her stepdaughters birthday barbecue on Sunday. At least I’m not spending my Friday night writing papers now πŸ™‚