It’s been awhile, too long in fact.  Oh well.

First, the eats:

I wasn’t hungry this morning but since I was going to the mall so I had to eat anyway.

A heart grains english muffin and maybe a tablespoon and a half of cinnamon raisin peanut butter.  The english muffin was so warm that the peanut butter was gooey and delicious… sadly my quick cell phone camera photo doesn’t reflect that… oh well must be the theme of the day.

After a trip to the mall, with zero purchases we went to a craft store because my aunt and uncle are building a barn for their grandson.  It’s so cute… I designed the pond on the side of it.  Cuteness.  Anyway, in that plaza is a Chipotle and since my aunt loves it and it’s very vegetarian-friendly so we stopped there and picked up lunch to enjoy at home:

Mmmm, all the best parts- rice, black beans (my fave), fajita veg, tomato salsa (mild), tomatillo-green chili salsa (medium), tomatillo-red chili salsa (hot), roasted chili-corn salsa (also medium), sour cream, cheese, guacomole and lettuce… delicious.  I was really hungry though and ended up eating the whole thing though I’d only planned on half but my (relatively) small breakfast didn’t really cut it especially since lunch wasn’t until 3:30 or so.

My aunt and uncle have to Corvettes (’79 and ’05) and are really active in their local Corvette club (they won best in show a few weeks ago and have a bunch of trophies around their house… très cool no?).  Anyway, they had a club meeting tonight at a restaurant and dragged (kicking and screaming of course) with them so they could leave early using me as an excuse (the little girl needs to get to bed early 😉 ).  I wasn’t really hungry for a full meal but my uncle got wings so I ate the side of celery:

Mmm, I think if I could throw some “Buffalo” sauce on my celery I’d never miss wings again, the celery is almost as good (with and without the bleu cheese in fact).

Then I had a few of these (delicious) fries.

Non-greasy, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside- the perfect fries!

What about me?

Well, here are the things I needed the last time I posted, a job and an apartment.

I’ve got one of the two.

Which is my beautiful apartment in DC with a great roommate and it’s just a dream 🙂

Now, the woman (E) I had an interview is kind of wishy washy, well not really… she wanted to talk to J+D since that’s what I’ve done for the past two years, so I gave her J’s number and hoped for the best… still hoping I guess… but I’ve just talked to someone else who is offering more money for the same number of children (1) and the same number of hours.  So, we’ll see how it works out.  If E calls and offers me the job then I’ll take it because her baby is great and she and her husband are as well, if not then I’ll focus on the second job… I’m not worrying about it though that won’t help anything of course.

Even though my life is kind of up in the air at the moment, and my job isn’t definite yet, I’m still happy.  Everything reminds me of JP and the twins, from the grass to crackers in the supermarket to the time of the clock but I’m just hoping that they’re okay and trying to be happy without them.

Sorry I haven’t been commenting much, though I have been reading, I just don’t have anything constructive to say too often, but I’m working on that :D.