Something Borrowed, Something Blue… not getting married (!) but it perfectly describes my day.

But first, last night I didn’t have radishes or ice cream, something else tempted me

Fruit and Nut Mix, a dark chocolate bar and a Kashi bar (with a good cookbook to enjoy). The fruit and nut mix is delicious, and made me learn to love almods! I didn’t eat all of that bar, only 2 squares (1/6 of the entire thing). Yummy!
Now on to today,
Something old
Banana Oats! I actually woke up really cold today and had to wear a sweatshirt for a few hours so it seemed like a good time to bring the oats back! 1/3 cup of Oats, Banana, Flaxseed, Wheat Germ, and Hazelnuts on top, and after this pic I drizzled it with a little maple syrup because it wasn’t very sweet (under-ripe banana I’m guessing).
The new?
I made my oats with oat milk. I tasted some of it and it was really good. Different but good. I’m not sure that I’d drink it over hemp or rice milk but it’s definitely a good alternative. It’s also got loads of vitamins that other milks may be lacking in, and I think that you should mix up what you eat so that your body is getting lots of different nutrients from food as opposed to relying on a vitamin all the time.
Something borrowed?
I’ve seen lots of people make wraps with a banana and nut butter so I decided to do so today because it was 3:00 and the kids wanted to go outside right then and I was hungry and it looked good πŸ™‚
Yummy, Cashew Butter, Banana, Agave Nectar on a Whole Wheat Wrap… Gooooood stuff!
Something blue?
Me, yeah I should change the name of this blog to “Debby Downer” or some such nonsense but today I really wasn’t up to running back and forth between my room and the twins room and wanted to focus on getting my paper done at a decent hour getting in some Art History reading. So, when D told JP to get dressed to go out, I said “I don’t really want to babysit tonight.” She said they were going, there was lots of yelling (at me) and such. My dad said (in text form) “Interview tomorrow. Thank God.” Definitely agree. In the end they went out, but I guess it gave me time to deal with the emotions a bit alone and not in front of them.
Now, I should probably eat more, but my heart hurts which makes me “unhungry.” I think I’ll just have a snack or something later when everyone’s asleep. They actually just came home so I’m going to go for a walk, sans iPod since it’s not charged though 😦 Then I’ll do schoolwork since I’m no where near focused enough to do it now.
One of these days, SOON actually, I will stop complaining so much in general and just take control of this situation. Definitely!