I had a really refreshing breakfast because it is hot in herrre.  Actually, it’s not that because we have AC but I hate wasting energy so I keep it up higher, but we had repair guys here this morning who were in and out from outside and I kept going into the garage to get my other suitcases and take out the trash.  I also scheduled a pickup to donate some too big clothes and books to charity.  I think I’ll just try to sell my old textbooks and not bother selling anything else since I like helping people and this charity is for veterans and their families.  Plus, they pick up the items which is really convenient.  They make it easy to give!

Anyway, breakfast was blueberry soy yogurt, blueberries and Kashi GoLean Crunch.

I think this may become a more regular breakfast!  It had amazing texture contrast with the creamy yogurt, the (super) crunchy cereal and juicy blueberries.  Niiiice.

Also, My Alli (yes, I claimed you girl :D) tagged me to do a meme.

5 things found in your bag:
1) My wallet
2) Hand Sanitizer from B*th and B*dy W*rks (it smells like “sweet pea” instead of “ick” lol)
3) Gum (at least three different flavors depending on my mood and what I want it to do- help me avoid a ‘sugar snack’, ease hunger pains, etc.)
4) Smashbox, O-Gloss (it comes out clear but reacts with the pigments in your lips to create a pink tone that matches you, so cool and pretty).
5) Baby Wipes (you never know when you’re going to have to clean little hands and faces, or lint off your black jacket…)

5 things in your bedroom:
1) My iPod, it sleeps under my pillow
2) Pictures of my family taped to my mirror
3) A balance ball to sit on while watching TV
4) An insane amount of shoes 😀
5) Stacks of two months worth of magazine subscriptions that need to be read

5 things I have always wanted to do:
1) Go to Greece.
2) Buy a loft in Manhatten.
3) Win an eating contest (hehehe seriously, preferably pie)
4) Paint a mural
5) Cook with Mario Batali

5 things I am currently into:
1) Getting healthier
2) Moving
3) Getting a degree
4) forgotten Civil Rights issues
5) reading blogs instead of doing other things!

5 People I want to tag: Well, I won’t tag anyone specifically because I can never choose but you should all do it and let me know that you did 🙂