Wow, I have been really focused today- schoolworks ahead of schedule, packing to move is way ahead of schedule, room cleaning is moving right along- even though it looks bombed with all the garbage bags and ‘sell’ bags and ‘give away’ bags everywhere. As I typed I realized that I’m much rather just give it all away, except for the books because those are pretty easy to sell on half. I’m definitely out of her September 1st, whether it’s to DC for a job or to Buffalo/Lockport until I get a job in DC (it’s just the right place for now, I believe).

Aaaaaaaaanyway, that Ezekiel bread called me in my sleep so I started my morning with that.


Toasted with more SB Light, and with my fave- blueberry soy yogurt. The best part is even though it’s toasted the bread is just so moist, definitely worth the price!

For lunch, I really wanted another burger-


I have a bunch of Smart Bacon that’s been open for awhile so I was going to eat it like this, but then I decided that the bacon was past ‘useable’ so took it off and added a ton of mustard. I love mustard- from the classic yellow, to spicy brown, to dijon, etc. etc. YUM.

I also made brussel sprouts for dinner:

I used Susan of Fat Free Vegan Kitchen’s recipe (roasted with garlic and balsamic) and they tasted like little cabbages… Definitely a good first taste of them. I didn’t finish this serving but I will eat it tomorrow πŸ™‚ I also had oven fries and baked tofu. Also Yum
This afternoon we spent outside, but only one of the kids was allowed to play in the sprinkler- JP had a dentist appointment, and AL didn’t take a nap which is a prerequisite for most afternoon activities, so AR spent the afternoon running around by herself and I think she loved it since she got it all to herself πŸ™‚
While outside, I had a sparkling water and read a great book, Stonewall by David Carter- it’s about the riots that started the gay revolution (it’s for my civil rights class) and I highly recommend it, whatever your own orientation and your own feelings on the lifestyle I think it’ll will open your eyes. This has been my favorite class in my college career and among my favorite of all time (all the others are either education classes or history classes- maybe I should be a history teacher huh).


Check out their cool sprinkler, it has a mat that fills up with water and and then it has 9 mini sprinklers along the mat… they love it, but it always has to alternate with the Elmo sprinkler next to it πŸ˜›

I had snacks while packing as well


Another Kashi bar, and an old standby Fiber One Chocolate. Yum, they fueled the packing which was pretty intense almost workout quality.

Then, I had half of this because I was way low on calories and I’ve been saving it for such a night.


I used to eat these, well share them, with the kids that I first nannyed for in Buffalo because the little boy was allergic to nuts, dairy and eggs so this was a good flavor! It was as good as I remembered and I really like how dark chocolate can fill a chocolate craving but since it’s so strong I never over do it (well maybe half the bar is overdoing it at 210 kcal, but I actually needed to calories and fat today, for once πŸ™‚ ).

Now, I’m off to bed. Night!