I finally feel back to normal!  I had regular meals today, and I did one of my favorite things- exercised.  I hate how easy it is for me to slip back into ‘lazy mode’ and not do it for ages when I truly enjoy it during and after, it’s the before that’s a little iffy 😀

Lots of bloggers eat sandwiches with hummus (too many to name, but you know who you are),  I’ve really only used it as a dip but today I finally tried it!

Hmm, it looks kind of one tone, but since, I’m low on ‘staples’ it wasn’t actually a sandwich but a whole wheat wrap instead and since certain people that I live with/work for are back on their diet, certain kinds of produce magically appeared.  So I had a cucumber (but that was really the only kind she bought other than baby carrots).  It was so amazing, that I had another wrap that was identical to this hehehe.

Dinner was amazing though!

Leftover sprouts stir fried with (frozen) stir fry veggies, and tofu.  It was really good, well the five or six bites I had, then one of the twins came over and wanted to try the tofu, and then she went on to try each component and decided that the bowl was hers and grabbed my fork and sat on the couch and ate the entire thing.  I didn’t have the heart to take it away from her especially since I fed them baked chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese for dinner.  Plus it makes me so proud to see what a healthy little eater she is!

Too supplement my meal then, I had a spoonful of Cinnamon Raisin PB.

It’s definitely a sandwich/mix in kind of PB though because the texture is a little much without other things.

I decided that today I was going to get back to walking daily.  So, I did.  On my way out the door (and down the driveway) I had another Kashi bar.

At first, I was kind of underwhelmed by them because of the lack of sugar but now I find myself craving them because they are so hearty.  The box is disappearing fast though 😦 .

My walk/jog was amazing.  Not too long just under 4 miles because I took a few detours along the way (as opposed to the direct route which is just over 3 miles).  I should have left earlier though because I would have loved to take even more detours, but I’m kind of scared of the last part of the journey because it’s the road, a patch of grass with me on it, and the woods.  Beautiful during the day, not so much at night!

I did take a few pics though!

Ducks by the lake.  I ended up practically in the middle of all of them and they basically ignored me, I had forgotten that I popped some stale bread in the freezer to take to them, so next time I’ll defrost the slices before I leave and then they might just be my new best friends 🙂

C’est tres belle mes amis!

I’m majorly hungry right now though (could be the low calories today thanks to the little munchkin who stole my dinner).  I’m kind of in the mood for a bowl of ice cream and for some radishes (not together!) so I think I’ll grab the healthier item first and see if I really want the ice cream later.  Who knows!  Night Night!