My stomach still isn’t feeling “normal” and I’m feeling uninspired in the kitchen… I need some of my regular veggies back- carrots, spinach, etc. Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be back to my regular routine.

I think this whole lack of focus is due to all the transitioning that’s in the works.

Anyway, the eats!

Breakfast was Ezekiel 4:9 Raisin Pecan Bread

At first, I thought that the bread was too caloric (130 kcal per slice) to be worth it but after toasting it and adding a little Smart Balance Light, I decided it was worth it. YUM! I still think the slices are kind of small and stuff but I guess regular raisin bread slices tend to be about the same size and kcals anyway, and this is so much better for you than that! The cherries were perfectly ripe and delicious. Parents- go back and buy some!
Kashi TLC Honey Almond Flax it was really good, but it tasted “healthy.” I mean I enjoyed it but I guess I just expected the super sweet taste of your average bar. This would be some great fuel for a workout though! I’d buy it again and try some of the other varieties as well! (Oh well, my dad bought me this box, so maybe I should say I’d buy it myself?)
I also snacked on these all day:
The rest of my container of cherries. Boy do cherries take some work to eat… but it’s worth the effort!
The kids and I had a party today. We went on a short walk, played on their playset, made dinner (they “helped”) and then played in the sprinkler. I know that I’m trying to make the most out of these weeks both consciously and subconsciously because the kiddos are getting to do a whole lot of things with me that are normally banned (i.e. seventeen stories and 347 high fives at bed time)… I want our memories to be good, and not of me always being the “bad guy” who had a bunch of rules (we still have rules but still it’s different). We all had burgers:
A Morningstar Veggie Burger, on a potato roll with nothing on it. I was really hungry at the time and decided I’d put condiments on after my first bite, but well I didn’t need them because it was soooo good šŸ˜€
Then we had Kettle Chips with J when he came home- he’s a potato chip pusher!
The twins and I shared this bowl (and they had that evil product called C*ke too!)
I really need to eat healthier tomorrow. Wow! I’ve basically been eating junk lately, or at least it feels like it and it’s certainly not helping me get back on track after my last few sleepless nights! I see brussel sprouts and green beans in my immediate future!