I’m back in MD… but my 8:50p flight didn’t even leave Buffalo for Baltimore/Washington Airport (aka Thurgood Marshall Airport) till after midnight! Awesome, right? Then there was a long line for cabs (an hour wait) plus the hour commute. I went to bed at 3:47 and woke up two hours later (almost exactly)

I’m trrrrrred!

I also have an exam to do tonight and a bunch of work as I’m trying to make this my last week of classes (I chose to relax last week instead of killing myself to finish) so I will be commenting on all that’s gone on in the past week in your lives (all I can say is wow)… but I have to make that my breaks during the week because well, I spent most of last week reading the Grumpy Chair Dieter (see sidebar) and her old posts (starting in ’06!) among other blogs that I’ve thoroughly perused… probably could have spent some of that time reading Art History but learning from others is just as important as Art (I think so at least)…

… now I’m rambling because I’m tired… Later!