I missed blogging and all that is involved with it for sure!

I’m still relatively scared to be here though. One should not feel scared where one lives. It’s not a fear of a physical nature more of a mental and emotional thing. I think this week will be hard to get through but the weekend is close enough that I know I can handle it! The weekend means a job interview and a pizza making party (well party may be a bit of an exaggeration there, but still) and all sorts of stress-relieving fun! (Hmm a job interview = stress relief, strange).

The week was really great… I kind of flaked on my “friends” and by that I mean the people that I have barely seen since graduating high school who while were my friends and are great people (generally speaking) aren’t really my friends because we rarely communicate- even facebook/myspace/texting/email style. So, I don’t feel too bad about it or anything.

I did not, however, flake on my familia or my real friends (or at least I hope not). In fact, I was surprised at how easy it was to go back comfort-wise but not in the dysfunctional ways of old. I mean I saw a shift in my eating as soon as I stopped blogging- it wasn’t out of control, but it was… the days were either full of lots bad choices but small portions of them, or good choices and even smaller portions of them. Though I didn’t count as closely as usual, I do think it was pretty consistent with what I eat (calories wise) or less. I’m not worried really. It was a million times better than it was in the past.

Food highlights include a quinoa salad with garbanzo beans and fresh asparagus. It was my parents first time having quinoa and based on their comments and the fact that certain discerning palates had seconds and more the next day I think the recipe is a keeper πŸ˜€ My brother though had one bite (that I had to feed him!) and said it was the worst thing he ever tasted! Um, what? This is the same kid who eats a plain bagel with butter, an iced cap and a strawberry jelly powdered doughnut (ew) for breakfast daily. I’m not offended.

There were also peanut butter pancakes at a Greek diner with my best friend and” little” brother and really, really good french fries (way too many times)….and Of course I didn’t take pictures of any of it. X(

Also, driving through the city of Lockport where la familia lives (sort of) and where I’d only been once to visit the Erie Canal in third grade.

Shopping was good to- Niagara County Produce for figs, green beans, cherries, eggplant and brussel sprouts, oh and an onion. For $15.00. The prices were great but my figs were moldy this morning, and I got them Saturday night! I probably should have picked better. Wegmans for TVP to put into many, many things, but I think it’ll go into the “don’t open till I move” section of my world. Tops (Friendly Markets… lol) had an amazing selection of Ezekiel 4:9 prducts, but I didn’t get any because I really don’t need them and I’m sure I’ll have access to them in the near future. It was cool to see the natural food sections in my hometown grocery stores that are aisles and aisles long (well like 3 each I guess) whereas in So. MD we barely get half an aisle. One gripe though- I scoured the aisles of both looking for Annie’s Woodstock dressing and nada. That’s messed up, Anna and I have looked in the Metro DC area and now in the Western NY area- no Woodstock. Why no Woodstock love Annies?

I didn’t do nearly as much school work as I had planned but I guess that’s ok. My Friday night was the same as always- scrambling to get my paper done at 11 pm. What a waste lol. Next week is my last one though! I just have 4 Art History exams to do!

Good times!

Now, it’s time to start my week of right with lots of good, wholesome food and some serious exercising

The problem today was that I was so tired that eating “real” food was not appealing.

I finally had this at around 10:30


Soooo yummy! 60 kcal, 2 g fiber, and only 100 mg sodium… Ingredients are good too:

Popcorn, Expeller Pressed Oil (canola and/or safflower and/or sunflower), annato extract, tumeric extract (for color) sea salt

I recognize all of those! I loved it too bad that the kids do too and finished off the entire box today!

It helped wake me up (a little) so I had a Luna bar… S’Mores


I was reading blogs at the time… It did not taste like s’mores, but it tasted okay, and had a good nutritional profile (180 kcal, 100% DV of many micronutrients, and 10 g protein). I’d have it again I guess.

I took a nap while the twins were napping which helped a lot and I finally felt hungry after that.

Fiber One Caramel, Curves Whole Grain Crunch and Vanilla Hemp Milk. Since I knew that the Fiber One and Hemp Milk were very sweet I added the Curves cereal which is bland (I like the Honey Wheat one, but they stopped carrying it here, but this does make a good “low cal” filler cereal, I’m imagining it now with Frosted Flakes lol).
Shortly thereafter I had a “healthier” version of what I fed the kids
Orzo with Butter (well Smart Balance Light) and S+P. It’s not really healthy but when there are very few groceries after a vacation it works (plus they loved it and ate a bunch of it instead of trying to get out of eating dinner to ask for a bunch of snacks 10 minutes later).
Then we all had snacks (not 10 minutes later… we played outside for an hour first!)
Four Vanilla Wafers and…
Snack pack pringles. I shared this with one of the twins (the one who claims that she’s moving out to go back to New York to live with her Grandma because MD stinks! heh I feel ya, little one).
Now, I’m super tired, but I must take an exam or it’ll be on my mind and I won’t rest anyway. So, I’m going to go do that, then take a nap, wake up and read for awhile, then go to bed later (or else I’ll be awake sometime in the middle of the night which isn’t very fun or productive).