I’m home!!!!!!!!!!!

Home is good 😀


Breakfast to go:

I just wanted to finish up the food that would go back while I was gone so I had the rest of a container of blackberries, sliced peppers and two pitas toasted. I only had two bites of the pita (what a waste), because I had a nervous stomach, but I was able to finish the blackberries.

Since I didn’t eat I was hungry at the airport, I got Subway:

BWI and a veggie delight sub, the return of the peppers, diet coke (ugh, I know) and apples.  I usually get the chips, but I’m glad I went with the apples.  It was a really good lunch but I still had leftover peppers and apples for later!

On the plane, I had a cup of black coffee because I was getting sleepy (I always do on planes, the movement lulls me to sleep)… Southwest makes good coffee!

At home we grilled (all vegan too!).  Grilled eggplant, zucchini and squash (that I brought with me on the plane like a weirdo because I didn’t want it to go bad, along with other produce), asparagus that was fresh picked from my parents yard (how cool is that, I grew up in a city and now they live somewhere where the asparagus just grown on its own!)… and tofu (that was marinated in balsamic vinegar).  It didn’t marinate long enough so the flavors didn’t really permeate it which is fine for me because I like the flavor of plain tofu, but not for the discerning palates at the table who had never tried it before.  I didn’t feel like taking a pic, um I know… I just wanted to eat (I was really hungry!).

And the best part of the day (well not the best, just a very good part)… fresh picked blackberries my FAVE:

Good day!  Good night!

Oops, I forgot, I had a piece of toast with peanut butter tonight as well!