I woke up with a bit of a stomachache so I’ve kept it pretty light so far and I’m starting to feel normal again! I really can’t wait for Friday night, then I’m done Well for a little over a week at least! I was also really excited because the kids’ mom left early so I didn’t have to see her today (or yesterday either!). It always makes for a more stress-free morning.

I started my day off with the one thing that I dreamed about:

I’ve officially converted to ‘real’ carrots over baby carrots. They’re so sweet and I actually have a thing for vegetable peelers so it’s fun. That coupled with my Art History text made for a low-key morning.

A little later, I had a huge bowl of berries:

I knew that the blackberries and strawberries were a little under-ripe, so macerated them by tossing them in a little raw sugar and put the bowl in the fridge for awhile. The result was a juicy bowl of sweet berries. Macerated berries remind me of strawberry shortcake. Yum!

For lunch, I had overstuffed pitas πŸ˜€

There’s half an avocado in there, a ton of baby greens and a seeded tomato. This is by far my favorite sandwich. The avocado is sweet and creamy, the tomato is juicy, and the greens are slightly peppery (there’s arugula in the mix). I’m such a fan of pure simple flavors. Now I just need to find a pita brand that doesn’t use HFCS (but that probably won’t work since our Giant only carries this brand, huh).

My stomach and my mood are much better currently. I’m going to go for a walk later, I’m not sure if the walk will lead me to the gym (probably not since my pass is sitting on D’s key ring… I need to get that off ASAP) but I may go to the lake with my History book of the week, since that’s a ‘sidewalk’ path so I don’t mind walking back a little later!