Today was not perfect but it was pretty great either way! I didn’t get to walk anywhere because everyone failed to mention that they were working till 9ish. I was a little upset earlier but it’s understandable since it’s the holiday. I would prefer more notice, but I just let it slide. That could be helped by the fact that D hasn’t actually seen me since the weekend and she whispered “oh my god she’s so skinny” and I asked “who?” and she said “you!” I wouldn’t say that I’m skinny (I’m not there yet) but all girls love to here that, plus it was like a ‘wow’ moment for her as opposed to the other times when she mentions my weight loss and it’s followed by “can you do me a favor…” Whatever, I like compliments, they go a long way with me šŸ˜€ Plus, it’s a much better way to great me, even if I know that her reactions to me aren’t the same when I’m not around, at least she’s being nicer when I am.

The kids requested quesadillas… and that made me want mexican…

While their quesadillas where cooking on the griddle, I threw on some sliced peppers (red, yellow and orange) and two tortillas. I then topped the tortillas with greens, mashed avocado, diced tomatoes and a salsa/sour cream mix.

Sour cream? What?

Actually, it was Tofutti Sour Supreme. I smelled it first and it did not smell like sour cream. I dipped my finger in and didn’t love the flavor, but since I bought it I didn’t want to throw out the entire container like that. So, I mixed it with Peach Mango Salsa… then it was yummy! The salsa is really spicy (which is good, but not when you’re trying to go low-key with flavors for the day). So, mixing the two was a great decision. I don’t think I’ll buy this again though, simply because the first ingredient is partially hydrogenated oil. Ew, that’s what’s kept me from getting their Better Than Cream Cheese thing. I wasn’t going to purchase this because of it, but for some reason grabbed it. I would purchase the version that does not contain those horrible oils in it though, because it’s not bad when coupled with other flavors.

I did accidently ‘overcook’ the tortillas on one side but that ended up working …

by making it easily foldable like a crunchy taco. Yum!

I had dinner way to early though (like 4pm with the kiddos) and I really didn’t eat very many calories before that… and I wanted a potato fast

Oven “Fries” The twin terrors were jumping on their beds so I ran up to stop them and they ended up a little crispy, but crispy fries are good. Check out the Dora plate featuring Boots (Dora’s hiding under the fries). I love Boots, even though it looks like he’s trying to steal my fries! šŸ˜€

I also had some candy that the twins and I bought at Trader Joes:

I had more than the two because I wanted to try all the flavors (or because I like sugar)… They’re Christopher’s Assorted Fruit Jellies and they’re yummy! They were giving away samples the day the girls and I went to TJs last week, and instead of letting the twins eat them out of their entire stock in free samples, I grabbed a package for home. For four of them it’s 140 kcal and they’re vegan. They’re super sugary and with flavors like orange, lemon, grapefruit, raspberry and lime it’s hard to “eat just one.” If you have a sweet tooth though, they’re certainly a small enough snack to indulge a bit (provided that you don’t eat the entire package… which would be impossible because after a few they’re just too sweet, even for me!).

I’m feeling “hungry” but it may just mean thirst. I’ll drink some water and see if that works… Night šŸ˜€