defined: extremely good, exactly right; all right. often used in the negative or with an ironic or sarcastic connotation to mean the opposite.

Well, actually that’s how I feel… both ways actually.  I have a really good attitude today.  I’m still looking at jobs here, if it ends up being Buffalo then I’ll cross that hurdle when I’m actually there.  I realized last night that I’ve worked here for two years.  When J and I first met and talked he said two years, we agreed on two years.  Things changed during the first year because they loved having me and then it became “stay forever” well until I stopped doing everything.  I think that if anyone ever needs live-in childcare then they should stick with Au Pairs- one year is perfect, afterward the lines of where the work relationship and the familial relationship get far too blurred for everyone’s mental health, the most important people (the children) especially.  Anyway, the reason for my good outlook- Attitude Changes EverythingManuela said that yesterday and she’s so right!  She wasn’t the first to say it, but she certainly said it well.  There is an end in sight, and who knows where that end will lead but I’m twenty one this is the time when I should be able to move around and find my ‘right’ place without worry.  So, instead of spending my nights worrying and my days upset about things and annoyed at people, I’ll just enjoy them as much as possible.  I’m not going to let the actions and attitudes change my actions or attitudes!

Where’s the sarcasm?  Breakfast!

497 kcal, 12 g fat, 20 g protein, 14 g fiber

Peach Muesli (oats, peach soy yogurt, a peach, wheat germ, flax, a little hemp milk). I mean it tasted okay.  I  think that the soy yogurt kind of affected the flavor.  It may be something that needs to be eaten alone.  I’m not sure.  For the amount of calories though it better keep me full for a long time (well there’s lots of protein and fiber so I think it’ll be ok).

hahahah, one of the twins is walking around wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads talking about how she’s a ballerina… that’s some special kind of ballet right there 🙂