I had the best bowl of oats this morning…

368 kcal, 13 g fat, 11 g protein, 7 g fiber

Banana Oats! I know everyone else loves them but mine never turned out well. I figured out today that it was because that was back when I used ‘quick oats.’ Today, they were like a little bit of paradise, and the coconut and cashew butter I had with it only made it better. Mmmmm. I’m still super full from this third of a cup serving and it’s way past noon. Good stuff.

I forgot to mention last night that I bought a new vitamin. It’s a vitamin B supplement. I stopped taking my other vitamins because 1. I’m getting pretty good nutrition from food, and most everything is right at RDA except for a few- like Vitamin B12. So, I grabbed this to combat it. Truthfully, I won’t continue taking my old GNC women’s because it’s so gross so I need to find a normal tasting multivitamin but not one that’s like a ‘super pill’ since I don’t really need very much from it as I’m getting micronutrients from my diet (which is so much better and so cool!)

The super cool Anna over at Meals from the Girl in the Little Black Dress tagged me. Why is she super cool you ask? Well, mainly because she lives in DC. JK, she’s very sweet, her food pics are awesome, plus she has an excellent attitude about food and health and such. Gotta love it.

The challenge: Top 10 Favorite Foods in order. Yikes!

1. Potatoes, all varieties, pretty much all preparations though mashed is my all time favorite comfort food.

2. Chocolate chip cookies (oops not healthy lol)

3. Blackberries.

4. Strawberries.

5. Avocado.

6. Tomatoes.

7. Fresh baked bread/rolls (especially my dads).

8. Homemade pizza (crust and all).

9. Asparagus.

10. Spaghetti with Marinara (and I mean straight pasta with a simple sauce… heaven!).

Now, since I’m extremely voyeuristic I want everyone to do this, because I’d love to hear what other people love so I can start eating more of those things too, hehehehe 🙂