Apparently Comcast is having internet outtages all around Southern MD.  It stinks, specifically for internet junkies like me!  Hehe.  It all seems to be working now, but while they were fixing it we kept losing phone and cable for ten minute periods.  Which is not fun in the middle of “Maggie and the Ferocious Beast” as it’s one of the few shows the twins actually sit and watch.  Craziness.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of cereal only because fortified cereals give me a lot of nutrients that I have to add to my oatmeal (like protein).  Apparently, the picture I took disappeared somewhere into the universe but it was Kashi GoLean with Cinnamon Puffins and soy milk.

Lunch was delicious, but an unintentional purchase that needed to be eaten.

I meant to buy the Mattar Tofu, but got Mattar Paneer instead.  I would have preferred tofu to cheese but it was still pretty good.

I was really surprised at how good it looked (this is frozen).  It looked better post microwave but that’s another one of the missing photos.  Strange, maybe the twins deleted them, they’re very cell phone savvy those two.  It was really delicious, all the elements were well cooked and well seasoned (not spicy either).  While I love spicy food, as a lunch meal it certainly had enough ‘kick’ without being overpowering.  My least favorite part was the cheese but frankly that could have just been my head talking to me.  For 320 kcal, 8 g fat, 11 g protein and 6 g fiber (54 g carbohydrates) it was a really good, filling vegetarian meal.  Now, I can’t wait to try the “Mattar Tofu!”

I “needed” something sweet to finish out my lunch so I had a handful of Cinnamon Puffins afterward.

Cinnamon pales in comparison to Peanut Butter, and Original is “ew.”  I’d probably like it more if it had been the first kind I’d tried though.  Totals for the Breakfast and Lunch are 664 kcal, 13 g fat, 31 g protein and 26 g fiber.

For the record, last night I had a spoonful of Peanut Butter and 4 Newman-Os (still in range though). What I really want to do is portion out the container into servings but 1. I don’t want to use that many plastic bags to do so (seems wasteful) and 2. I’m not really in the mood to have other people eat them, since they can’t be bothered to buy healthy food for the house, so I just have to learn some lessons in will power 😛