I think my cell charger is broken because it only charges my phone if it’s plugged into one specific outlet in my bedroom. Strange. Since I was out all day yesterday, last night and today and forgot my ‘real’ camera all my pictures will have to wait until I’m back to a full battery 😦


I had a large bowl of PB Panda Puffs with a banana and vanilla rice milk (because PB and B is one of the world’s best combos). The banana was too ripe though and even though I put it in the freezer to firm up it was so mushy it kind of ruined the experience.

Then the kids and J an I went in the pool for the morning. It was so fun and both of the twins are getting so comfortable in the water that I think they’ll be swimming by summer’s end! Which will be both scary and great! While in the pool J and I had a discussion on which one of ‘his’ supermarkets had the best natural foods sections. He told me that it’s really hard for a large chain supermarket like his to keep them in stock and on the shelves because the lack of preservatives in natural foods and the fact that even our local one, which is in a very health-conscious area, only has 2% of profits from natural foods, which means that even when they order items upon request or because they are brand new it’s hard to keep selling them. It made me sad though because it just means that it’s that much harder for John and Jane Normal to try out healthier, more natural options.

Then J took us out to lunch to this sports bar type restaurant. I got really excited because there was a veggie burger on the menu but when I went to order it the waitress told me it was no longer on the menu. J said ‘told you it was hard to keep healthy stuff around’ πŸ™‚ So, I had to get a salad, the menu didn’t mention a dressing and the waitress said there wasn’t one but there was in fact a creamy one (which means dairy) but the other salads all had meat and cheese and such. I also had a roll and some of JP’s french fries. He got two different meals so the second set of fries were for me and the twins. The salad was quite large and even though I’d planned on having another roll because they are so good, I didn’t need it.

After I put the twins to bed, I left (really quickly too) and went to one of J’s stores that’s about 40 minutes away and on the way to my destination, and they had lots of good natural and vegan options that mine doesn’t have :D. I was so excited. I picked up some soy yogurts and vegan ‘oreos.’ Very exciting.

Dinner was an Amy’s Non Dairy Bean and Rice burrito and a Bud Light Lime. I’ve never really liked beer and usually pass but I heard such great things about this particular kind, from both friends and like three different articles about the best light beers that I decided to try it. It was really good. For just under 115 kcal, and containing 1 g of protein it’s not too much of a splurge. It had a really nice light, mellow flavor. It’s certainly a ‘summer’ time barbecue kind of beer. While it won’t be making an appearance into my daily life, I’m sure there’ll be another one somewhere along the line.


I had an amazing sandwich for brunch. (Brunch because that’s all you can have when you get up at 1pm!!!!!) It was PB&J but it was blueberry jam. There were even little blueberries in it. I kept pulling the sandwich apart to look inside because it was so yummy. It was also extra good because someone else made it for me which is so rare that it made it really special πŸ™‚ Yum.

I also ‘worked on a car’ today… I wanted to ‘wire up gages’ but I wasn’t allowed so instead I played with electrical tape. It was nice lol.

For dinner, I had a soy yogurt in peach. Peach is my favorite flavor yogurt and it perfectly complimented my second sandwich of the day- wrap style- silken tofu, lots of spices, and Smart Bacon (yummy, but let’s not pretend it’s anything like bacon, it’s just good). I rounded out my night with Tings and two Newman-Os… omigosh I didn’t eat any fruits or veggies today. Weird (Bad and Weird actually).

It was, in the end a lovely weekend and even though I got a new scale that I’ve left in the box for two months out of fear that it’d say a way higher number, in fact my old scale was off by .8 and the new one is sooooo cool and so much better πŸ™‚