I’m right on track for this week’s paper, in fact I’m a bit ahead! I’m way behind on Art History though… Hopefully I’ll be all caught up by Saturday so I can have a fun wknd!

I ate a late breakfast, and I’ve noticed all day that I haven’t been hungry… I’ve been consumed with conflicting thoughts, about my job, about certain relationships, and school but I went out of my way to keep eating and not get sucked into the trap of skipping a bunch of meals and ‘forgetting’ to eat for awhile…

A mix of Kashi Go Lean and Fiber One Caramel cereal with rice milk… sooooooo yum!

Lunch was equally simple:

The rest of my Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pizza… so delicious and it was better than the last time because the crust was soft and chewy this time (well I like crisp crust too, so I guess it fit both “perfect pizza” profiles).

I looked in my fridge and saw a ton of fresh produce that just called my name… and since I couldn’t figure out which vegetable to use… so I used as many as I could… and made this:

A stuffed pepper!  I haven’t had one in ages… the filling is quinoa, carrots, an orange bell pepper, mushrooms and cabbage… I cooked the filling in veggie broth so it had an amazing flavor (quinoa cooked first, then veggies, then simmered the two together for a few).  There was a lot of extra filling so I had that on the side.  Mmm it was such a good dinner too!  The peppers and carrots were sweet but the cabbage added a ‘bite’ to it as did the veggie broth, yum!

Then I had two kiwis but I was eating them as I was getting the twins ready for bed, which is an adventure by the way, so I forgot to take a picture.

I’ve been craving dessert for ages but haven’t actually been hungry for it… so I haven’t had it.  I’m off to yoga though so maybe I’ll get to have some later.  It’s strange that I’m actually biding my time for a day when I’m actually hungry for dessert instead of just having it because it’s available.  Nice though.