I finally saw SATC today… I cried a lot (but that’s not really a surprise now is it?)… even though there were parts I loved I was more than a little disappointed with others.  It was very strange but I didn’t feel ‘right’ like there was something missing… still a good movie though…

Since it was my day off I had a bunch of random things…

For breakfast I had this:

and yes… I control the universe and am able to make gravity work in whatever direction I choose… including sideways 😛  It’s rice milk, wheat germ and agave (based on my dad’s suggestion of soymilk, wheat germ and honey but I modified it to what I had) and it was sooooooooooo good.  I also had a Fiber one bar while running out the door (not as good as I remembered).

Then, I went shopping at Safeway but as usual was disappointed, this one barely has any natural foods including their organic line.  Strange.

Then I had lunch:

Pita pizza with green peppers, onions and tomato (I didn’t even think about salmonella until, um, now… oh well)…

With water and the world’s most disappointing fruit cup (from Safeway) the only thing edible were the strawberries.  The kiwi was tough and you know the hard center of a mango? that must be what they put into it.  Oh well, the strawberries were perfect (even though I could have gotten a container of them for the price of the fruit cup… erm two actually).

Then I got a pedicure… which was 20 dollars… TWENTY dollars in Southern Maryland, 20 for the best pedicure ever, with the best massaging chair where I usually get a mediocre one for 50… It was worth the trek over there for that!  Then I saw SATC… after which I dodged numerous cars and drivers who are unaware of the laws stating that pedestrians always have the right of way in a crosswalk and got dinner:

Veggie fried rice and veggie spring rolls- I only ate half of a spring roll and a third of the rice as I’d had too many of these first:

Blurry… but delicious… but I did end up giving the rest away because I don’t trust myself with it in my vicinity.

I went grocery shopping afterward and got an artichoke… I’ve never made an artichoke… or really eaten very many unless they were mixed in with multiple ingredients… I’m excited to try making something with it though.  I also stocked up on my fave things (soy milk, puffins, kashi go lean, and the like) as they were on sale!  They weren’t in the ad though so it was extra exciting to see the reduced stickers on the things that I like and that are healthy 🙂

I’m so tired but I still have some reading to do… I did read a lot today while eating and got way more work done than expected and even some exercise while taking my perilous walk… It was a very, very, very nice day hanging out with someone that I don’t spend enough “quality” time with ME!