I spent the day working and not blogging or reading blogs (which I plan to do later)… I didn’t get a lot of stuff done though 😦  I baked in the morning and then filled out lots of applications (school and such) but I still did better than my usual nothing 😉

I made Vegan Banana Bread… nothing too exciting… they were simple to make and delicious, which is all that matters:

They reason they were only “ok” is because there was way too many calories (200 kcal or so) and not as filling as an equal amount of cereal and milk or oats.  They were a good treat, and exactly what I craved.  I struggled just having them sit there though, so I packed each one separately and froze them.  Now they’re there whenever the mood strikes which will be nice!  I had it with Smart Balance Light and a big fruit salad!

Lunch was a trial:

Two Smart Dogs on a bun (the only kind we had w.o. milk as an ingredient)… and sweet pickle.  Sorry, Lightlife- love ya but I don’t like these at all.  I mean I’m not really a hotdog fan (unless they’re Sahlen’s) which didn’t help but I wasn’t into the flavor.  Maybe prepared differently I might have a new outlook.  We’ll see.

So, I at about two bites of this and then made a bowl of Puffins:

Weird pics lately… but oh so very yummy!

I guess today was all about convenience because I made something frozen for the kids and me…

Amy’s Roasted Veggie Pizza- yummmmmmmmmm loved it.  I’m highly impressed with everything Amy’s and have been for years.  They’re so convenient yet healthy.  Gotta love that.

I also had a Vitamuffin after that, I was feeling like snacking all day.  I think it was the breakfast which while delicious really isn’t what I need… I really need to get some flax seed ASAP too because I feel like something’s missing from my day without it.  The sad thing is that my perfectly good flax seed is in a landfill somewhere.  Grrrr.  I’m still angry.  Maybe that’s part of the snack needs.  I’m combating this with sugar free gum.

Later loves!