I started to make my breakfast (oatmeal) and went to get some rice milk and flax out of the fridge and there was no flax seed in my fridge.  Now, the last time I had it which was Friday night with a bowl of cereal there was still about a cup and half left so I’d really like to know where it went.  I took everything out of the fridge, shelf by shelf and it’s gone.  I mean it’s bad enough that I’ve been stuck buying my own groceries lately but this is crossing the line.  I am angry.  This along with the fact that D didn’t bother to tell me that she had to work on Saturday until today!  I mean I can guarantee that she didn’t find out that she had to work this morning, so she could have told me awhile ago because I have a life and things to do, and if I know that I’ll have a weekday off then I can make Drs appointments and stuff.  Wow.  This is so messed up.  (And she just texted me back that she hadn’t but I don’t really believe it, sorry).

Whelp since I didn’t have any flax seed I pulled out the wheat germ I bought last week.

I made it in the microwave with water then topped it with rice milk, wheat germ and strawberries.  I didn’t enjoy it but I’m not sure if it was the oats or my mood.

Oh well, we already had a full morning that included an hour in the pool and a short walk.  Fun times.