I had a lovely weekend full of doing nothing just sleeping, relaxing and a walk with my best friend (well okay she lives 500 miles away so we were just on the phone talking but since it’s as close as we can get we jumped at the opportunity). It was the best walk I’ve taken in a long time, I found a lake! It’s so gorgeous and there are benches and ducks. I can’t wait to go back. I didn’t know where I was at the time but if I keep walking down that road I’ll hit the main road and I may find some good stores there (I mean I know there are stores on the road but I’m not sure what part of the road I’ll be hitting). I’m very excited. Hopefully, I’ll get there tonight!

Food this weekend was good, well I didn’t eat enough yesterday but it was migraine induced (as I had one all morning and so couldn’t eat).


I quick smoothie with 1/2 a ripe banana, a ripe nectarine, a few strawberries, vanilla soymilk, protein powder and ice. It was 210 kcal for two smoothies this size! Awesomeness! And a muffin.

Grilled tofu, lettuce and mustard on a whole wheat wrap. Probably my favorite wrap because it’s simple and delicious!

Carrots and PB ala Em… That Em’s a smarty because this was delicious! I also had a spoonful of PB out of the jar (I was finishing the jar). Perfect snack!

Muffin and blackberries (sorry about the angle)… sadly one of the blackberries was gross which turned me off them so I only ate about 7.

Amy’s Non Dairy Veg. Pot Pie… omigoodness… So good. Amy’s does not dissapoint. The crust was the perfectly cooked (I microwaved)- crisp on the outside but tender on the inside. The veggies were tender and fresh-tasting and the tofu pieces scared me! I saw the pieces and thought they looked like chicken, and then I tasted a piece and it tasted like chicken, then I looked into the middle of the piece and it was the same consistency! I even went to the Amy’s website to make sure they didn’t have a version with chicken in it! It was just soooo good. Now Costco just has to start carrying Amy’s stuff in bulk!


Two muffins that I didn’t photograph because I was tired of seeing them lol.

A HUGE bowl of PB Puffins and Fiber One cereal with vanilla ricemilk. I love cereal. So does my brother, I’m going to have to get him to try these cereals since I’m pretty sure all he eats is junk food!

I kind of assumed that this were veggie spring rolls… I even rifled through the filling of the other side 🙂 It was super good and Ialmost had another one but I wasn’t actually hungry so I just stopped.

Now, I’m back on track with school and exercise- I have a bunch of videos to watch today (yea!) and reading to do, but it’s all enjoyable reading and it’s the perfect day to be outside- not too sunny that we have to reapply sunscreen every twenty minutes, and not so hot we have to take out 12 water bottles! So, I’ll probably do much of my reading lying on the back porch while the kiddos go wild (as they are apt to do!)

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