I went out of my way to remain calm today despite my anger. Certainly helped things!

Lunch was simple (and delicious)

It’s PB and SJ in a whole wheat tortilla with 1.5 T of PB (there’s .5T in the wrap)… mmm I love PB!

I knew it wouldn’t be enough so I added this beauty:

Sweet but not overripe… Perfect and I dipped it in some of the PB which made it even better!

Snack was another Veggie Spring Roll (they’re soooo good and I looked them up and under 100 kcal I can handle it, not that their fried selves should be a daily thing!)

Dinner was soooooo easy to make.

… and delicious!

I made the kids mac&cheese (homemade style) and took out some of the macaroni ahead of time and made a macaroni salad:

for one serving:

2 oz. dry macaroni

1 med. zucchini

1 med. summer squash

.5 red bell pepper

.5 orange bell pepper

1 tsp. EVOO

2 T. white balsamic vinegar

1 t. chives

I quickly sliced and roasted all the veggies while the macaroni was cooking. Then I made a dressing with the other things (and some S+P). When everything was ready I just tossed it together (with my hands 😀 ). Then popped it into the fridge for an hour or so. It was such a good combination of tastes and textures! Yum!  It was also really filling for under 350 kcal and you get whole grains, veggies and heart healthy fats (gotta love it).

I’m in a dessert kind of mood, if you know what I mean… so there’ll prob. be some in my night but I’m not sure what or when (hopefully I’ll just forget about it :D).  Back to school work!