I never went downstairs for a snack, even though I was hungry, because there was a war at home (thunder, screaming, doors closed ‘roughly’ all at around 11p).  I couldn’t get up because not ‘fixing’ it when I was obviously awake (because my light and tv were on) was bad enough to get attitude today, but not ‘fixing’ it and walking right past them in the hallway to get a snack would have seemed to be an outright attack.  I guess my thought last night was that if they hadn’t let the girls get up and crawl into bed with them when the storm started then they wouldn’t have had to fight with them for an hour and a half to go back to bed.  They already know that’s not an effective solution, and frankly 1. it was 11 and taking care of the kids is my job, but I’m most certainly off then, and 2. they are the parents not me, I haven’t chosen to have children (yet, I suppose) so I haven’t signed on for that type of responsibility, they did!

******annoyed rant over******

My totals for yesterday were 1079 kcal, 22 g fat, 40 g protein, 43 g fiber.  Anyway, I woke up really hungry and still wanting what I wanted last night, cereal!

Barbara’s Puffins PB, Fiber One Caramel and Curves Whole Grain… with vanilla soy milk… YUM!  I always forget to add flax to cold cereal though 😦  I’m also running out of it so I’ll have to buy more!

I realized a little later that I hadn’t had any fruit with my breakfast, so I had a nectarine:

I’m really loving ‘stone fruit’ these days, now all I want is an apricot!

Even though, I wasn’t super hungry when I had the nectarine I realized afterward that I needed a little more fuel so I had a banana too:

(With a bite taken out of it 🙂 ). Breakfast was 384 kcal, 5 g fat, 9 g protein, 12 g fiber.  Strangely, to me at least, cereal has become a really filling meal for me.  I remember a time when if I ate oatmeal for breakfast (from a packet) it meant that I’d be starving and foraging for snacks an hour or two later, now it’s a great option anytime.  Cold cereal was even worse.  Maybe it’s the mix of cereals or a different attitude or a shrinking stomach.  I don’t know… but I heard a news report that our power companies are having trouble supplying power to all their customers between 2 and 7pm (with heat wave AC use, plus all the cooking and appliance use in those times as children are coming home from school, and adults from work).  So, I may end up having cereal and other ‘no cook’ things for dinner to do my part (I already keep the AC at a higher temp. than others do here when I’m here alone, and keep lights and appliance use to a minimum, but every little bit counts!)