I was so excited for today to be a fresh start and it really was… I didn’t do anything overly special but I did make a few decisions- like I’m dropping a class.  That may mean that I won’t graduate next summer but graduating next winter is fine.  As important as school is, my life and my health are more important and I can’t take care of either one if I’m constantly working and that’s what the next 8 weeks would have been.  I dropped the one that I haven’t had anything due in yet because even though I bought books for it they were the least expensive of the bunch and while I may not be able to return them they are excellent books that I’d want to read anyway and I think my dad would enjoy them too!

I’m really happy with the decision because now I won’t have to make the constant choice between doing something that would be good for me and the kids- like going out for a walk, and getting my reading done.  I still have a ton of work because the two I have left are the hardest but at least they’re manageable.

I had a strange day food-wise because I stayed up for a full 24 hours (crazy of me, but worth it because I had fun, even while I was folding laundry at 2:30 in the morning… well that part was only marginally fun) So, I woke up at around 1:30 and ate leftover asparagus and had some OJ… the asparagus was even better cold (I just used a bag of TJs frozen baby asparagus, smoked it on the grill with a little olive oil, and then tossed it in my usual balsamic dressing with basil).  I didn’t take a picture though because I couldn’t find my camera for a bit.

Later, I had a drink that was made all the better by the cup it was in:

Now, rice milk is good but it’s so much better when it’s in a Dora cup 🙂

Lunch and dinner were identical:

Domino’s cheesy bread and thin crust pizza with roma tomatoes, olives, peppers and mushrooms.  Not super healthy but very good and I picked off a bunch of the cheese.

Tomorrow, I’m going to go back to seriously counting calories.  I mean I know how many I’ve eaten daily but I stopped posting them and I think it made it easier for me to indulge too much last week.  I also set my alarm for 5am because I’m going to workout in the morning so I can go to the grocery store tomorrow night instead of the gym (as much as I love the gym, I’m in desperate need of fresh produce!