… or at least I will be, I should’ve finished my second paper last night!  I went to sleep instead (worth it)…

I had amazing sushi for dinner:

Asparagus, Avocado and Cucumber… my three faves all together… perfect

We’re all out of nondairy milk (and pretty much anything else that I eat) so I had an instant packet (banana creme) so that it would still taste good with water:

Topped with a granola bar- yum!  I seriously love my bars, there’s still some things to tweak but this batch has been fun to eat 🙂

I can’t wait till 10:30 so I can be done working for the rest of the weekend!  Hopefully, I’ll finish my book by 10:30 (doubtful) so I can at least have most of the paper done today and just finish it up tomorrow night or something… hopefully!