Today was tough… because I was out and not in control of what was served like I would at a home or a restaurant even…

It was a BBQ- complete with too many pieces of meat for me to even feel comfortable

So, I raided the cabinet and found asparagus in the freezer and pasta in the cupboard and assembled a (pretty good) dinner out of it, but by then I was hungry and I was just chewing on my last bite when I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture 😦

I was forgetful today and forgot to take a picture of my snacks- a Fiber One PB bar I found in the bottom of my purse and later a homemade bar with a huge strawberry.

All in all a pretty good day though I’m disappointed with my week.  I didn’t do my June Challenge exercises (or any actually) any day other than Sunday… I will have to make next week better… next week will be better.