I didn’t post last night I was reading away… and my paper is done… if I could just figure out this new submission system it’d be sent… wait… I just figured it out!!!  Done!  I’m pretty much on track… now I have to read War: Four Christian Views and write a paper on terminology.  I’m not really into this whole read a book that I just spent $$$ on and then never look at it again system, considering the number of books I had to purchase and I read them so they’re out of the shrink wrap and I can’t return them.  Time to hit up half.com I guess 🙂

Yesterday was pretty much a throwaway day along with the one before that, but I did take pictures:

The good… a homemade granola/protein bar,  wheat toast with my last LC wedge (maybe ever?), and yogurt with apple chunks mixed in and topped with another granola bar

The not good… brownies, coke zero, frozen fries… and I pretty much had double what’s pictured because I went back for more of that (should have done more of the above, oh well)

today though is a new day

PB and Strawberry J on Van’s Mini Waffles, they’re no the most nutritionally sound but they are delicious… on a Star Wars plate… all four ‘children’ had the same breakfast but one of us was too girly to eat on a SW plate so she had it on a Disney princess plate 😛

Granola bar with SJ… so good… I think next time I might bake the SJ right in… like swirled into the batter?  Yum!

I was in the middle of the paper, on a roll and the kids were being quiet without the aid of television so I tried to make something fast- it was frozen, the rice was bland, the egg roll was good, and it was the only fast vegetarian option there so I went for it, and it was 300 kcal so not a killer or anything…

Man do I love my bars… there’s no sugar in them though so they’re really nutty and the twins don’t like them and JP would never touch them… but I’m enjoying them on my own 🙂

Tonight, I’m going to have sushi 🙂  I need to make a grocery list too because there’s no fresh produce aside from one apple and a little bit of watermelon!  That’s not good!

I’m going to take a short nap before JP gets home from school and save my reading and second paper for this evening.  I hope to get it done before tomorrow afternoon because I’m hanging out with a friend and don’t want to spend the weekend worrying about school work because that will ruin the fun.  I’ll also need all my energy not to eat meat, not because I want to (because I don’t at all ever) but because this person’s not that supportive of vegging and also very persuasive… I’m sure I can handle it though!