There was a tornado warning (now a watch until 8pm) which delayed this and threw off my entire day.

I’m in an ‘annoyed’ mood today… the twins were more than terrible this morning so that’s part of it and the other part is that I didn’t like what I made for lunch 😦 I made tempeh and while it looked good it tasted ‘off’ so I decided to top it with peach mango salsa like I did with my tacos the other night. It didn’t work… I’m not sure if I did something wrong or I left the package in the fridge for too long. I have a little left and since I don’t think it’s bad or anything I’ll just marinate it (a lot) before cooking it!

I only ate the carrots, half the carrots and the toast with LC cheese… but I was still hungry so I had another piece of toast:

This time with cashew butter and strawberry jam… yum… a little too nutty though because it was sticking to the roof of my mouth and I was having trouble talking….

I did have a snack this morning too btw… 1/4 jarred fruit (because we’re low on produce) with delightful AH.

I made my “protein bars” (since I’m trying to stay away from packaged things, sort of lol). They’re currently 110 kcal, 4.5 g fat, 1 g sat. fat, 5 mg cholesterol, 15 mg sodium, 12.5 g carb, 2.3 g fiber, and 5 g protein…. I dunno they need work but it’ll be fun to experiment… I made them vegan but an egg white would solve my ‘problem’ which is moistness. I mean more nut butter would do it too but I was trying to keep them lower in calories (like under 200) but I now know that they can handle more nut butter and still stay within my goals… I’ll have to adjust them next time.

During the tornado warning we high-tailed it to the basement. The kids were eating ham sandwiches (because it was easy to grab the container and a loaf of bread and there was the usual assortment of snacks down there. I’d already sampled two bars as an afternoon snack but it was dinner time and I was starving so I tried to pick the best things out of the box… there were 100 calorie packs in there so I ate a few (3)… I wish I’d known that I wasn’t going to spend the night down there because I would have eaten less but I can’t really go back now!

In thinking about it, I think that I may have just been nervous and that’s why I felt like I needed three to be satisfied. Sadly, they were 300 calories that just didn’t fill me up like 300 dollars of veggies and protein would have… so I needed dinner but I was still stressed so tried to pick something easy- super easy… so we made a frozen pizza (because ham thrown on a piece of bread doesn’t fill up a seven year old in the middle of a growth spurt). Not vegan, but oh well… there’s no pics because there’s too much going on (the kids parents work for stores and one has 8 power outtages and the other has 3 so who knows when they’ll be back- probably Friday lol!)

Hope you guys in the MD/VA/DC/PA area are okay! Night night