Woman at the Height of Her Beauty (Utamaro)

Though I’d much rather spend my morning sleeping, I read my Art History Text… I ❤ it though 🙂

the Medici Venus

I just read about changing perspectives on what the ideal human (specifically female) form is and what is beautiful. First, it made me wish that I lived in the first century BC but then I was reminded that beauty and what is beautiful is all relative so I’m not going to hold myself to anyone else’s standards but my own! Well, at least I’m going to try!  Especially not this one, even though her story is beautiful:

Punitavati (Karaikkalammaiyar)

This is a food blog right? LOL…. this morning I woke up and I was hungry this is a big deal for me because I usually wake up with a no food attitude and fall into the really bad habit of holding out as long as possible.  It’s probable that I wake up hungry more often and that I’m hungry before I usually eat, but I spent years shutting off those signals to my body, or muting them at least, so I’m just now learning to listen to my body.  As soon as I made the kids breakfast, I made a quick bowl of oats.  Like yesterday I made less oats and used more water than milk, but I finally remembered my flax and protein!

I used more of the Kashi granola and the maple and brown sugar smells wafting from that bowl were amazing!  After one bite, I realized that it needed a bit more sweetness so I sprinkled a bit of brown sugar in and stirred it all together… perfect bowl of oats!  I usually top mine with fruit or at least have it on the side, but I decided to save the fruit for a midmorning snack since I ate so early (before 6:45a instead of 8-9a).

Now back to ‘Art Before the Written Word’ and a loooooooong book I have to somehow read in the next day or so in order to write a paper on it by Saturday morning!  Oh an our oven’s fixed… there will be some sort of baking today 🙂