I just joined PETA!!!!!!!!!  I read Becoming Vegan and I’m definitely more enlightened.  I guess I just never realized how many animals were being exploited so in an effort to counteract 21 years of participating in this (well more since I’m not quite ready to give up dairy) I’ll do what little I can I guess.

I did get hungry earlier, but still it was 12:30… granted I ate breakfast an hour later than usual so technically that’s 1.5 hours I’ve saved by eating less.  Since it was late I decided to go for a lighter lunch but couldn’t think of anything.  While I thought I snacked on this:

Yummy, hummus and carrots is one of my faves!  I finally decided on just popping something frozen in the microwave only to discover that they were gone… one of three things happened someone ate them (unlikely), some one made them and decided they didn’t like it and threw it out (possible), someone just threw it out because they felt like it (likely since I had to rescue my tempeh from being tossed last night)… Ugh, I was not in the mood for cooking especially since I made the monsters chicken dumplings (Kai-Lan was eating them on Nick Jr. so of course they needed them too!).  Then I thought of latkes… yum!  I can always go for those no matter the amount of work!

Soooooooooooo good!