First, I was on PETA’s site today (voting for the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of course… I picked Noah Wylie and Kristen Bell but the list is loooooong)… and saw this and if you’re a (new) vegetarian like me, then you might like this free kit!

Dinner was another recipe trial, but I mixed two – this one and this one to make tempeh tacos!

I sautéed onion, a yellow bell pepper and then the tempeh (cubed). I topped it with peach mango salsa (so sweet and spicy with the fruit and jalepeños, yum!) and reduced fat shredded cheese. They were seriously good… but I was hoping to really get a taste of tempeh, since the first time I tried it, it was covered in BBQ sauce, but the salsa permeated the dish… but the piece that fell out was delicious!!

I was seriously craving something baked, but our oven’s (still) broken. So, I tried to make muffins in our microwave which has a convection oven in it… They were good but I forgot about them, so I ended up burning the top so I just cut that part off. I substituted applesauce for the egg, and rice milk for the cow’s milk in the recipe. The bottoms were soft and crumbly and perfect! I should have figured out calories before I started eating (and eaten earlier) but I was really hungry and had two… oh well…

Oh, and I had an Fiber One bar and watermelon as snacks today.

In total, 1618 kcal, 55 g fat, 21 g protein, 44 g fiber… The fat was high today because we ran out of olive oil spray so I used Smart Balance with each meal 😦 We did just get some tonight though, so I’ll be ok!

I’m so ready for bed, even though I planned to go for a walk, but my back is killing me (I think the dance workout yesterday?)… so I think rest and a heating pad are wiser! Night!