I worked out today (finally), and I slept a lot, and listened to the Jonas Brothers (and you’d love the JoBros too if you watched as much Disney Channel as I am forced to on a daily basis :P) It was pretty much the perfect day… I haven’t been alone all day in a really long time. I didn’t see anyone else today, and normally I miss the twins a bunch but since I could hear them screaming in the hallway and being bad I’m kind of glad that I didn’t!

I ended up walking 2 miles, I planned to do more but 1 mile in it started to drizzle and knowing that thunderstorms were on the way I turned around. I had already been walking at a good pace (about a 13 minute mile) so I kept at that pace and got home just in time! I wasn’t really done though because I have lots of energy since I didn’t do much but sit around in the dark bored out of my mind 🙂 so I did a dance DVD… it was super fun but too short (20 minutes) so I did the whole thing again!

Then I did my June Challenge workout to start the month out right! There’s a lower body workout and an upper body workout. I like doing them both together, and with school starting I know I’ll be pressed for time and need to make the most of free hours. For two classes there are video assignments so I’ll definitely do these workouts then to multi-task 🙂 For each exercise we’re supposed to do 3 sets of 10-20 reps. So week one will be 12 (since that’s my default number) then 15, 18 and finally 20 to up the challenge… the other rules 400 minutes of cardio will be a breeze (last month I did over 1000) and my goal for this month would have to be to see more definition in my arms and legs… I’m already seeing results in my lower body just from my usual workouts so upping the intensity with this will hopefully make a big difference! The exercises are actually quite difficult! I’m used to machines that supposedly use the same muscles but holding your body steady requires more work so I worked up the same sweat I do when hitting the weights… I was super surprised but excited!

I did just under two hours of exercise today! But other than those two hours I was asleep… The food really drained me… but I do love how aware I am of what my body needs and how it reacts to different things now.

Before I forget.. FOOD lol…

I had a bunch of fruit cravings today… I was only going to have one apple but couldn’t decide which was cuter so I had both. For dinner, I wasn’t super hungry so I had a honey wheat english muffin with a laughing cow cheese wedge spread on top, but I was so busy eating I forgot to take a picture 🙂

In total, 1357 kcal, 49 g fat, 44 g protein and 21 g fiber. I guess it’s rough estimate since I ate restaurant food but I think it’s pretty close (or at least I hope so!)… Now, off to watch the rest of Iron Chef America and pretend that school doesn’t start tomorrow 🙂