I’m kind of nervous for this semester because there is so much work to do since it’s a short semester so they pack in the assignments and JP will be home from school which means that more of my ‘down’ time, like naps or quiet time before bed, will be spent hanging out with him. Thankfully, I’ll have all day Sunday for work if I just stay focused and don’t let myself get distracted by friends and such!

So, I wanted the same breakfast that my mom always made us on our first day of school, pancakes, but I also wanted oats… So I used Ally’s recipe for Mini Banana Oat Pancakes and did that whole two birds, one stone thing:

410 kcal, 11 g fat, 10 g protein, 13 g fiber

My only changes to the recipe were that I did 2 tablespoons of flax seed instead of 1, I used a whole banana (so around 120 g instead of 50) and I didn’t add sweetener. I’ve actually made these pancakes many times, though mine are never mini, I’m just not a mini pancake kind of girl! I did notice that this time they were much creamier than usual and didn’t set as much, after they were cooking I realized that I could have added protein powder to them, but they were still delicious, and now 2.5 hours later my stomach still feels full!

One of my professors has yet to add me to his class on Blackboard which means that I have no idea what my assignment schedule will be for that one. I only have one textbook though, the rest are just regular books which is great 🙂 I thought I didn’t have any, but one is better than last semester’s five! Last semester, I saved my boring text (Physics) for the elliptical and coupling made them both much easier to get through so if I find myself losing focus with this text then I’ll do that again.

The twins and I already spent an hour outside cleaning the yard, okay they cleaned and I took pictures of them cleaning :P… they were clearing branches off the driveway and bball court that were leftover from the storm… it was fun and it’s such a beautiful sunny day that I know we’ll be back out there a few more times today. I think we’ll just play and I’ll go for a solo walk this evening… I can already tell it’s going to be a good day 😀