I took my nap and set my alarm to wake up in time for a quick snack and a walk to the gym… but then I woke up before the alarm went off to a huge thunderstorm, complete with hail and a tornado watch!  So, I just turned off my alarm and figured that I’d do a workout video whenever I woke up naturally… well when I did there was no power! It just came back too!

Of course right before I fell back asleep from the storm I thought to myself that I should plug in my cell and iPod so they’d be fully charged, but didn’t.  When I finally woke up they were both near dead, so I just lay in bed and read by candlelight.  In an effort not to open the fridge I just ate what others had quickly grabbed out of it (which was french onion dip, cheese, yogurt and cold cuts)… I didn’t eat the cold cuts, but I made a sandwich with a mini pita and cheese and had some chips and dip, a yogurt and one pop tart.  Not really a nutritionally sound day but I’m so glad that I ate that hearty, healthy breakfast because it held me through most of the day!  I did measure what I ate (by candlelight) though even though everyone else made fun of me… but it was worth it because even though I ate something that I’d been craving all week (chips and dip) I didn’t overdue it at all and I was still satisfied.  At least the storm gave me a legitimate reason to eat it lol!

In total, 1280 kcal, 44 g fat, 34 g protein, 14 g fiber.

Tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful in the AM and stormy in the PM, but hopefully we’ll have power throughout the day!  I’m going to definitely do something active in the AM, maybe go to one of the classes at the gym, but it depends when I wake up since I slept too much today and will probably fall asleep late and therefore wakeup late 😛