I haven’t slept in past 7 or 8 am since I started this nanny job, but after *fighting* for a real day off this week, I now have all Sundays off and I slept until 10:15… well I would have slept later but some people don’t have as much respect for me as I have for them so they let the kids run around upstairs even though when I take care of them in the mornings, they’re banned from the upstairs and even loud activities!  Oh well, it was still lovely!

I really wanted to be lazy today so I decided to order in.  Our choices here (in the country) are pizza chains or a chicken place.  Pizza seemed like a bad way to go, but living in Southern MD means our chicken place has a good selection of fresh fish and seafood as well.  I guess that’s just what I was craving because I ordered enough fish for breakfast and lunch!  I had some shrimp and half a fish sandwich and though it was good, it wasn’t as satisfying as I expected.  I guess I just thought it’d be more satisfying to eat.  I’m think I’m going back to no fish in my diet either because now my stomach kind of hurts and I’m getting the same sort of drained, horrible feeling I was getting from chicken and stuff.  Oh well, I may change my mind especially if the choice is between something totally unhealthy, like fettucine alfredo or a seafood dish at a restaurant.  I forgot to take pictures but for both meals I’m guessing it was around 7 to 800 kcals which is probably an overestimate but that’s okay.  I’m hoping to go for a long, long walk soon(ish).  I’m just going to check the weather report first 🙂

I also think I’m going to have fruits and veggies exclusively, at least for dinner!  I miss my ‘real’ food 🙂  Junk food just isn’t as good as I used to think it was!