My camera died and followed by my cellphone.  I must do a bunch of battery chargers tonight.

I had a lot of snacks today- carrots, hummus, fruit salad, a laughing cow wedge and crackers.  I was hungrier for those things than dinner… so I just had a sandwich after the gym (30 elliptical) of sprouts and tofu.

In total, 1420 kcal, 44 g fat, 76 g protein, 32 g fiber and I’m lazy tonight and the sugar means mental math not a tracker that keeps track so I’ll figure it out later 🙂

I’m ‘lazy’ because I’m trying to make plans for my weekend but I’m supposed to give J+D a week which I think is unfair because you know it’s my weekend and because if Saturday and Sundays are my days then I should just do as I please, considering the fact that I’m 21, ya know?  I’ll just text them a tell them later I guess because I’m really not into the conversations that we have to have about everything nowadays!  I should of done it when she was down here but I was still sketching out the details then… I already was a kid and had to tell my parents where I was going, I’m done with that!

Now, I’m in a bad-ish mood about this and I should be excited that I have a fun weekend planned!

Get Excited Beck!  Get Excited!