Last night was both great and terrible all at once. Even though I was ‘done’ for the day I ended up getting nervous being here alone, in the dark, with a snake in the garage, and a bird that got stuck in the fireplace earlier in the day… so to calm my nerves I started eating… okay I knew it wasn’t really going to calm anything, and it only made me feel guilty and distracted me for all of 20 minutes and I don’t remember exactly what I ate but it was probably around 650 kcal or so. Normally, I’d be really upset but I’ll just move forward and be glad that it’ll be awhile before I have to stay here alone again (which is always a trigger) and plan to have company overnight when I am! I think I’m ‘not’ upset because I learned a good lesson, in that I need to have a more substantial snack… I need to chew. I can’t drink my calories, because I think I would have been better off with half a cup of ice cream topped with some walnuts or something like that (even flax) and the berries I was considering (coming out to around the same calories or less!) and I wouldn’t have wanted to eat as much of the other junk. I am glad that J stuck to my grocery list though because I was hard pressed to find junk food in the house and if there had been more it would have been worse, I’m sure. It also helped that the scale didn’t hate me this morning!

This morning, I woke up kind of full (no surprise since I ate at 1:30am, went to bed at 2am and was up at 5am! So, I just kept eating fruit all morning because that’s all I wanted.

I had a the whole banana but was chewing and flashing at the same time. Ignore the paper plate, I’m usually much ‘greener’ than that!

I also had a bowl of watermelon about a half hour later.

245 kcal, 2 g fat, 3 g protein, 10 g fiber

It was a really refreshing breakfast. I wish I had made myself some muesli the night before though because that’s what I really wanted!

For lunch, I needed a sandwich, but I also needed avocado and tofu. (It’s so strange how my ‘cravings’ have changed!)

I quickly heated up some tofu and on whole wheat toast with romaine lettuce and tomato on one slice, and on the other I smashed some avocado… my sandwich was born.

393 kcal, 14 g fat , 22 g protein, 11 g fiber

… with radishes. I wish I could tell you how great they were, but I went to wash my dishes before eating and they were all gone except for one… little hands stole them 🙂 It’s okay because the sandwich was filling enough (and perfect).

Later on, I got hungry so I had a FB bar because I felt like having chocolate!

140 kcal, 4 g fat, 2 g protein, 9 g fiber

Two things… I read this on a blog somewhere (I forgot, sorry)… ‘You don’t have to be a vegan to eat like one.’ While I don’t eat like a vegan, I’m eating like a vegetarian and while I plan to continue doing so if one day I want something that’s non-vegetarian, and I mean really want it, I’ll have it with no guilt (even though I have a feeling that by the time something like that comes up I’ll be so far in meat withdrawal that it’ll end up putting me off meat for life, we shall see)… and I really need to find a protein bar that I like because I at the Fiber One bars before because I didn’t need protein, I needed fiber but with all the fiber I’m getting from fruits and vegetables, I really don’t need them anymore. Too bad there are like 16 of them in the garage 🙂