Oh what a day! I think I just woke up annoyed and it affected me all day! I kept getting upset over really trivial things- like the fact that JPs sandwich container wasn’t washed and I had to use a ziplock bag for his sandwich! I’m still working on getting over it but three kids who forgot how to obey yesterday aren’t helping 😕


We were out of most berries and bananas, so I decided on apple oats. I also decided to try hemp milk for the first time!

106 g apple, 30 g oats, 12 g protein powder, 4 oz. hemp milk, 1 T. ground flax seed, 1.5 t. cinnamon

Oh, I also got some of this protein at GNC yesterday. I added half a serving as well because that’s 9 g of protein. I’m not really sure what kind of protein I should be using… so I’ll have to research that.

mmm, yum

I cooked the apples first, with a little water so they wouldn’t dry out (maybe an ounce and a half). Then I added the oats and hemp milk. Right before I put the mix in the bowl I added the protein powder, oh and ground flax seed (not pictured!).

294 kcal, 5 g fat, 12 g protein, 8 g fiber

It was good but it was different. There were a lot of new things today ~ hemp milk, protein powder, and apples. I will definitely be having this again but I can’t say it was my favorite variety (triberry is!).

82 kcal, 1 g protein

I had two hug mugs of coffee with it… yum!

A note on hemp milk- shake well! I didn’t do it as much as I should have and it came out kind of clear, once shaken it’s creamy. Also, this is soooooo full of nutrients. It has a sweet flavor so consider adding it to your oats or coffee or just try it with cereal.

  • Vitamin A – 18%
  • Vitamin B12 – 25%
  • Vitamin D – 25%
  • Vitamin 5 – 13%
  • Calcium – 46%
  • Folic Acid – 5%
  • Iron – 15%
  • Magnesium – 19%
  • Niacin 7 %
  • Phosphorus – 43%
  • Riboflavin – 31%
  • Thiamin – 7%
  • Zinc – 9%

WOW! Right?


I didn’t eat lunch till dinnertime. I spent the day fighting with twins, working on this, and tying up loose ends around the web (as in deleting old blogs and google-ing my usernames just to make sure things were erased). It was stressful and I forgot to eat, and the few times I felt a pang of hunger I ignored it because I was in the middle of something important. That’s not good by the way!

It wasn’t until I was making the kids their dinner that I realized that I needed to eat right away. Thank goodness I read about Kath’s yummy lunch yesterday

2 oz. orzo pasta (dry), 63 g mushrooms, 1 oz. greens, .5 oz goat cheese, 1/5 block of extra firm tofu, 119 g tomatoes, 59 g beets

I cooked the pasta, and sautéed the mushrooms and tofu quickly, mainly just to warm them up.

454 kcal, 13 g fat, 29 g protein, 7 g fiber

Then I layered the hot and cold ingredients to create a good mix. It was so filling and delicious and chewy. It forced me to slow down and my day instantly got better. The goat cheese melted and coated everything. I’ve never had such a perfect blend of textures, temperatures and flavors. Yum!


Going to the gym is not conducive to eating. Part of it is psychological I’m sure… It took me X minutes to burn Y calories and my dinner’s more than that… and the other part is physical, maybe I push myself too hard or something. I’m not sure. I really didn’t want to go tonight, it was a long day… but I went and did 31 on the elliptical and some weights too 🙂

I wasn’t really in the mood for eating anything substantial (my lunch/dinner) was too filling… so I went with an array of finger foods…

30 g hummus, 40 g baby carrots, 5 Carr’s Water Crackers

1 Bagelful® (Cinnamon), 1 Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedge (French Onion), 1 oz. Jarlsberg

487 kcal, 19 g fat, 21 g protein, 6 g fiber

This ‘hit the spot.’ I started with the hummus and baby carrots expecting not to like it as much as the other things but that hummus was great (It’s Safeway’s Eating Right brand). Then I went with LC cheese and crackers, yum. I was going to eat the bagel next (oh it’s a cinnnamon bagel stuffed with a sweet cream cheese) but it tasted like a dessert so I ate the Jarlsberg first and saved the bagel as a dessert. It was the perfect dinner because all the different tastes I was looking for I found without being too heavy (even though that bagel at 200 kcal really upped the calorie count!)

In Total ~1376 kcal, 40 g fat, 64 g protein, 21 g fiber.

So, I ended up lowering my calories as planned but I did it the wrong way since I just didn’t eat most of the day. I promise to work on that tomorrow though! Also, my fiber is way down because I didn’t eat a FB bar (or two, or three) like I have been. I can’t say that I missed it, but tomorrow I’ll up the veggies to up that count. Other than that most everything was on target (my fat goals are 33 to 58 g per day) and I made my protein goal! Maybe I’ll start adding ground flax to more things? I know that I can handle at least another half T. in my oatmeal, and it would have been okay in the salad or mixed into the hummus. We shall see.

Off to finish watching Top Chef… Night 😀