Today was so strange. My meals got all mixed up because I was trying to listen to my hunger levels as opposed to looking at the clock.

It was my first day without meat (intentionally at least) and it was great! I wasn’t really ready to eat this morning so I planned to have an early lunch before I shopped today, but when I got there the restaurant was still closed so I did some of the shopping first (JoAnn’s to look at counted cross stitch & needle point kits because I’m really 62 at heart, Marshalls for cute, cheap shoes, a cute top and books & Trader Joes for vegetarian-ish supplies).

Anyway, it was a great locally owned Italian restaurant chain (Mamma Lucias). I had a salad, part of a piece of garlic bread and Penne Fresca (penne pasta, spicy marinara, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms and topped with a little shredded mozzarella). It was all delicious and I did amazingly well. It was the healthiest pasta on the menu (not loaded with cheese I mean there was about 1 ounce tops). I guesstimated it around 600 kcals or so. It was my first day though and I forgot my camera 😦

Later, at home, I got hungry and had a Fiber One PB bar, then napped (which was lovely by the way).

150 cal, 4.5g fat, 3g protein, 9g fiber

I woke up starved but I was on the phone and hate talking on the phone around the kids because they are so loud… So, I grabbed another

Fiber One Bar (Caramel) so I wouldn’t be starved when I got downstairs to make dinner, since I know that means I’m apt to make bad decisions. I’m a huge fan of these bars… they’re chewy and have the right amount of sweetness to resemble a candy bar. But, I know that when I finish the last caramel one I won’t be buying them anymore because as my tastes are changing they’ve become too sweet for me, next off the list is chocolate version. Now about halfway through it stops tasting good and it starts to feel heavy. I guess it’s better that way because it’ll just mean less packaged foods.

140 kcal, 3.5 g fat, 2g protein, 9g fiber

Afterward, I went down to try some of my new purchases from Trader Joes. I had a (yummy) cashew nut butter and banana sandwich on whole wheat whole grain toast, and Fage 0% (Greek yogurt) with strawberries. I also had a Coke Zero because I had a craving for soda all day and of all the soda varieties I think this is the least harmful! Okay, they’re all harmful but sometimes they’re hard to resist…

550 kcal, 11 g fat, 28 g protein, 13 fiber

Oh hey, that’s a baby pic of me there under the plate (it was sitting on my messy dresser)

For those of you who haven’t had cashew nut butter it’s a super nutty, super yummy alternative to peanut butter. I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to peanut butter. For awhile, I loved creamy only, then chunky, then neither, then very recently back to creamy but mostly for the health benefits. This alternative was lighter and an all around better flavor, but I have always prefer cashews over peanuts anyway. I think that’s at the root of my preference. (Like, I hate almonds, so I won’t bother trying almond butter, well at least I won’t be buying a jar of it!). It’s been awhile since I had natural peanut butter but I remember how shocking it was at first to lose the salty taste you get from regular (bad for you) versions. If that’s what draws you to peanut butter than you won’t like this version. It’s all about the nuts here not sodium!

Fage is also delicious. If you’re looking for sweet yogurt flavor than this is not it. It’s tart, but that tartness is easily balanced with some fresh cut fruit, honey or even a T. or so of fruit juice. It packs a protein punch too- 20 g per serving (1 C).

I’m nuts 🙂 I had lunch, then breakfast, then snack, then dinner 🙂

Total ~1500 kcal, 49g fat, 49 g protein (I definitely need more!) and 33 g fiber